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Dr. A Thirupathy Annamalai

Ophthalmology 眼科专科

MBBS (Manipal), M.Surg (Ophthal) (Malaya)

Dr. A Thirupathy Annamalai obtained his undergraduate medical degree from Manipal Medical College in 2003 and followed that with a specialty in Opthalmology, completing his training at the Unversity of Malaya in 2012. Prior to joining the Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre, he was attached to the Melaka General Hospital as their consultant Opthalmologist. His specialities are performing various cataract surgeries involving intraocular lens implantation,diagnosis and treatment for diseases such as glaucoma, age related macula degeneration, refractive error, squint and diabetic related eye diseases.managing eye injuries is also one of his priorities. He also have special interest in various eye lid surgeries. Apart from his clinical work, Dr Thiru is also a published researcher and was previously involved in teaching medical students from the Melaka Manipal Medical College. In his spare time, he involves himself in community work and has participated in several eye screening camps for the public. He is also an active member of the Malaysian Medical Association and the Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology.

What is the role of an Ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologists are trained specialist in diagnosing and treating eye diseases, conditions and eye injuries. They are also surgeons who specialize in eye surgeries such as cataracts, squints, eyelid procedures, pterygiums and glaucoma. They are also trained in laser treatment for various indications. Prevention of diabetic eye diseases, age related macular degeneration (ARMD) and glaucoma are main concern too.

When do you need to see an Ophthalmologist?

You should always seek medical advice from an Ophthalmologist if you experience:

  1. Reduced vision and glare due to cataract.
  2. Eye redness and pain.
  3. Diabetic eye screening is a must if you have diabetes.
  4. Age more than 40 to rule out glaucoma.
  5. Distortion of vision due to age related macular degeneration.
  6. Eye lid abnormalities or malposition.
  7. Eye deviation or squint.
  8. Eye trauma and injuries.
  9. Double vision or headache.
  10. Dry eyes.